Workshop Programme 2015

10-11:20am Solidarity With Refugees In Detention & The Community Poetry Circle Anarchist Federation
11:30am-12:50pm Moving Beyond Borders: Decolonisation & The Free Movement Of People Social Experiments In Greece Anarchism 101
12:50-1:30pm Medical Self-Defense For Protests
1:30-2:50pm Myths On Gendered Violence & Their Impact On Community Accountability Anarchist Education Another World Is Possible – But How Can We Get There? A Debate
3-4:20pm First Nations Liberation Resisting the TPP & Anarcho-Rhizomic Change Getting to Revolutionary Change
4:30-6pm Dole Bludgers Unite! Disarm – Resisting the Military Industrial Complex An Introduction To Transformative Justices & Community Accountability

Solidarity With Refugees In Detention And The Community
PRESENTERS: Carmen, Steph & Maya
WHEN: 10am – 11:20am

A reportback about the Oranienplatz Refugee Strike Squat in Kreuzberg, Berlin and a discussion about how anarchists and people in the community can support refugees in Melbourne inside detention centres and in the community.

Poetry Circle
WHEN: 10am – 11:20am

An ancient form of participative performance revitalised by the Beat poets. Basically everybody brings along a relatively short piece (less than 5 min) and we go around the circle, performing the pieces.

Anarchist Federation
PRESENTER: Chris from the Melbourne Anarchist Club
WHEN: 10am – 11:20am

Federation is a key part of anarchist organising. Without federation no anarchist society could possibly exist. In this workshop, Chris will discuss the theory behind federation and why it is necessary for anarchists to not only look to it as a project for the future, but to start organising a federation now, in Australia. The fundamentals, a brief history, and the justifications for federation will be followed by an explanation of the efforts to organise an anarchist federation in Australia that are currently happening.

Moving Beyond Borders: Decolonisation & The Free Movement Of People
PRESENTERS: Arika Waulu (Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance council member) and Lucy Honan (Refugee Action Collective). Facilitated by Nicole Curby (3CR’s Women on the Line)
WHEN: 11:30am – 12:50pm

A facilitated discussion between Lucy Honan of the Refugee Action Collective and Arika Waulu (Gunnai and Gunditjamara) of the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance.

The nation state insists on defining citizenship according to economic imperatives. Both First Nations people and asylum seekers suffer the consequences of this. We’ll explore this predicament, plus the potential for cross over between those campaigns which challenge it.

The panel will be facilitated and recorded by 3CR’s Women on the Line. An edited version of the discussion will be broadcast on Women on the Line in August. 

Social Experiments in Greece
PRESENTERS: Dmitri and Alex from Melbourne Antifascist Initiative (a Greek-Australian libertarian group)
WHEN: 11:30am – 12:50pm

We have a factory currently under total workers’ control, self-managed clinics, grocery stores, bookshops and publishing ‘companies’, cafes etc which we feel we must promote to show that in our country of origins another world is already started to work and possibly draw solidarity from this for the Australian anarchist and social movement.

Anarchism 101
PRESENTER: Ben from the Melbourne Anarchist Club
WHEN: 11:30am – 12:50pm

A very short introduction to anarchism explaining its origins, key events, core concepts, and how these articulate into specifically anarchist forms of organisation and a program for revolution.

Medical Self-defence for Protests
PRESENTERS: The Melbourne Street Medics
WHEN: 12:50pm – 1:30pm

An opportunity for our protest community to learn about pepper spray injuries and how to safely treat them. This will be a hands-on skill share.

Myths on Gendered Violence & Their Impact On Community Accountability
PRESENTERS: Undercurrent
WHEN: 1:30pm – 2:50pm

A workshop about myths around gendered violence and sexual assault and how these create barriers to community accountability in our scenes/networks.

Anarchism & Education
PRESENTERS: Black Thylacine
WHEN: 1:30pm – 2:50pm

An open circle to discuss and consider alternatives to existing educational systems and institutions. Opportunities to share reflections on the past and stories of how individuals and communities are navigating new ways of thinking and doing ‘education’.

Another World is Possible – But How Can We Get There? A Debate.
PRESENTERS: Greg from the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group & independent activist Jonathan Rutherford
WHEN: 1:30pm – 2:50pm

Capitalism is on an unsustainable path and we need to get to a society that is both just and sustainable.  The difficulty is agreeing how to get there.  Greg from the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group will argue that a workers’ revolution is the only way out of the current mess.  Jonathan will argue that the key focus should be on building new self-reliant communities/economies in the towns/suburbs where people live.  A majority of time will be allocated to discussion from the floor.

First Nations Liberation
PRESENTERS: Viv Malo and Robbie Thorpe
WHEN: 3pm – 4:20pm

*40 years of Black Struggle* Robert Thorpe, Gunai Kurnai Freedom Fighter. A commentary and reflection of Robbie’s active resistance over the last four decades. What does the future hold in the eyes of this Life Long Revolutionary?

Viv Malo will present on current situation, re Forced Closures of Communities & Recognition Campaign within the ongoing Genocide.

Resisting the TPP & Anarcho-Rhizomic Change
PRESENTERS: Sam Castro (Whistleblowers Activists & Citizens Alliance), Kat Moore (Economic Justice Collective/Quit Coal/Friends of the Earth), Marisol Salinas (Latin American Solidarity Network)
WHEN: 3pm – 4:20pm

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secret trade agreement that will adversely affect the environment, worker’s rights, cost of medicines, internet freedoms, food safety, intellectual property rights and indigenous rights. The TPP covers 40% of global trade and will impact 800 million people in 12 partnering Nations. The TPP is being negotiated behind closed doors in secret, with the help of 600 corporate insiders. How do communities resist these deals created by corporations for corporations? How do we create structural resistance and change to prevent the TPP and other corporate agreements, that are fundamentally undemocratic and also allow transnational corporations to sue all levels of government in Australia?

Getting to Revolutionary Change
PRESENTER: Theo Kitchener from Doing It Ourselves
WHEN: 3pm – 4:20pm

If humanity is to have any chance of not just surviving, but thriving into the future, we actually have to have a revolution, and soon. Climate change and other environmental issues, financial and resources collapse, increasingly likely nuclear meltdowns and movements towards fascism and global corporate governance all mean that what will be left if business as usual continues will be completely untenable. We’ve become disillusioned about the idea of revolution actually happening, but now is the time, to involve the mainstream in our movements and aim for what we really want. I’ve got some ideas I’d like to share and would love to have a discussion about how we could make a movement for systemic change work.

Dole Bludgers Unite!
PRESENTERS: Dole Action Group
WHEN: 4:30pm – 5:50pm

Join members of the Dole Action Group to have a practical discussion about how unemployment fits into capitalism and how unemployed people can fight back against work for the dole, low payment rates, income management, restrictions to the disability support pension and other Centrelink-related bullshit.

Disarm – Resisting the Military Industrial Complex
PRESENTERS: Renegade Activists (RAAF)
WHEN: 4:30pm – 5:50pm

Australia’s core defence spending has now increased to a phenomenal $87 million a day. No that’s not a typo. Australia is the fourteenth biggest military spender in the world and we play a massive role in ongoing, perpetual war. The last federal budget robbed homelessness services of more than $40 million – money that was primarily for women and children fleeing family violence. This diversion of much needed resources from social services, health and education to the military affects us all. We need you involved in the campaign! In this workshop we will discuss why we should protest at Pine Gap in 2016, and shut down the Avalon Airshow in 2017, Australia’s biggest arms fare masquerading as a family friendly day out.

An Introduction To Transformative Justices & Community Accountability
PRESENTERS: Undercurrent, and the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair Grievance Collective
WHEN: 4:30pm – 5:50pm

This workshop will have three parts – ‘What is Transformative Justice and Community Accountability?’, ‘Models of Community Accountability In Practice’, and a Q&A to finish. The idea is to continue discussions from previous Bookfairs and Camp Anarchy in order to build capacity within our community/ies to create transformative spaces and accountable practices. This workshop involves practical group work.