Stalls 2018

The 7th Annual Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair will be held on Saturday 11 August at the Brunswick Town Hall.


The Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair gathers hundreds of people from Melbourne and beyond to share ideas, attend workshops and strengthen networks.


Anarchist and other activist groups, community campaigns, independent book-sellers, zinesters, and other radical enterprises promoting their ideas and merchandise are invited to participate by booking a stall.


Over 40 stalls will be available in the main hall. Stall tables are allocated on a first come, first served basis — participants are encouraged to book early in order to avoid disappointment.


This event is wheelchair accessible. If you would like assistance in making this event more accessible to you, please contact us and we will plan accordingly


Stall Prices


The stall booking fee is $80 per table if payment is received before 15 July, or $100 per table on or after 15 July.


Organisations with the capacity to do so are invited to pay the solidarity price of $120 a stall. The additional funds support speakers fees for indigenous speakers contributing to the bookfairs workshop program.


Groups that are genuinely unable to afford the stall fee are encouraged to contact the organising collective to discuss options.


To book a stall, please complete the stall booking inquiry form.


Terms and Conditions

The organising collective retains the right to refuse any and all stall bookings at its sole discretion.


Bookings are only confirmed once payment is received. Payment for all stall bookings is due by 6 August 2018. Stallholders who have not paid for their booking will not be allocated a stall table.


Stall tables will be provided by the organising collective. Stall table locations will be allocated at the sole discretion of the organising collective.


All groups and individuals participating in the bookfair are required to read and uphold the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair Safer Spaces Policy.


All stall holders are required to ensure that the material all material they display, sell or distribute is consistent with the requirements of the Safer Spaces Policy.


Any group or individual deemed by the organising collective to have failed to uphold the Safers Spaces Policy will be asked to pack up and leave. If this occurs, there will be no refunds.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application of the Safer Spaces Policy, please contact the organising collective before booking a stall.


Stalls programme for 2018 Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair coming soon.

To check out some 2018 Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair Workshop Suggestions visit: